This camera has just returned from Cameraworks-UK and has a long list of things done to it during the restoration and repainting process. The camera has not been used since and is waiting for a new owner. All in superb working condition and under guarantee from Cameraworks. This camera and lens have been re painted to replicate the look of a vintage Leica M3 well used black paint camera. Leica M3 1139810. Camera dismantled. Baffle removed. Baffle cleaned and repainted matt black. Baffle (plush) strips re-glued/replaced. Cleaned shutter area. Main drum, spring take-up rollers and guides cleaned and lubricated. Slow-speed escapement ultrasonically cleaned and bearings lubricated. Cams and blind release catches, cleaned and lubricated. Slit width and tensions reset. Transport mechanism cleaned and lube. Advance block clean and lube. Brake cleaned and new friction disc fitted. Flash sync contacts cleaned and reset. Self-timer mech cleaned and bearings lube. RF rebuild. Remove main prism, dissolve old Canada balsam/paint and removing the concave objective. Clean and polish hypotenuse surfaces of prism components. New Ag beamsplitter applied using physical vapour deposition. Prism components reassembled using UV cure optical adhesive (NOA61). If cemented directly to the main prism, the prism field lens (doublet), is cleaned, centered and re-cemented before being cemented onto the main prism. Prism assembly painted. Condition of other cemented parts checked, cleaned and re-cemented. Roof prism lens loose, cleaned and re-cemented. Rangefinder jigged, main prism correctly positioned and cemented into place. Brightline mask and mask unit cleaned and adjusted. Rangefinder fitted back into camera. Final calibration of vertical, infinity and close focus alignment. Camera repainted (Reverse Panda), in classic gloss enamel. Paintwork cut back and brassed. Camera reassembled, cleaned and checked. Summitar lens. Lens dismantled, front element and rear element group delaminating and these were cleaned, centred and re-cemented. This resulted in coating loss although on test, lens performs very well. No charge for this additional work. Aperture blades contaminated - cleaned. Helicoids polished and re-greased. lens assembled, collimated and tested.

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Leica M3 film camera Black re paint Summitar 5cm f2 lens Serviced

  • Brand: Leica
  • Product Code: 7645
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  • R56,381.20

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