• Kodak retinette 1 camera large finder instructions
Kodak retinette 1 camera large finder instructions. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Kodak retinette 1 camera large finder instructionsYou have made a wise choice: in your RETINETTE you have a mini- ature camera of the highest precision which has undergone the strictest tests. It thus satisfies all requirements for first-class results. It always gives a feeling of superior self-confidence when the handling of one's camera becomes almost second nature. For your own sake therefore make a point of carefully studying this instruction booklet. Your RETINETTE is definitely a quick-action camera, and is very easy to use. And if you first of all practise the most important operations without a film in the camera, you will already be an intimate terms with your RETINETTE by the time you come to take your first pictures.The Basic Operations Synchronized Flash Holding and Viewing 6 The Self~limer Winding and Releasing 8 Important Hints Closeoup Parallax The Technique of Flame Taking The Film Release Inserting lhe Film 10 Double Exposures Selling the Film Counler 12 Changing Partly Exposed Films Selling lhe Film Indicator 13 Eyesight Correction Selling the Shutter.................. 14 Care oflhe Camera Selling lhe Lighl Value 14 - Table of Light Values 28 Light Values and the Aperture- Speed Coupling 14 A Final Poinl: lndependenl Setlings l6 KODACHROME in the RETINETTE Semngothefistfogeel "SW, ’ E The Camera Features e epl .° wd cae Lighl Value Correclion with Fillers Zone Focusing 20 Unloading the Film 21 DeplhofFieldTable

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Kodak retinette 1 camera large finder instructions

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