• Additional instructions for Leica Ig brilliant finder
Additional instructions for Leica 1g brilliant finder. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Additional instructions for leica 1g brillaint finder. The Brilliant Finder shows a bright image in natural size with the field of view outlined by a brilliant frame. The dotted line near the tap indicates the limit of the field of view for subiects nearer than 10 feet.1 Film transport and shutter tensioning knob 2 Film counter disc 3 Shutter release button 4 Reversing lever (A = advance, R = rewind) 5 Fast shutter speed dial (‘lso to moon second and time ex- posures: 7 setting for elec- tronic flash synchronization) 6 Detachable brilliant finder 7 Depth of field scale 8 Distance scale 9 Accessory shoe with retaining springs for rangefinder and other accessories 10 Rewind knob 11 a and b Eyelets for carrying strap 12 Pin at side for attaching the base plate 13 Slow shutter speed dial (‘lso to 1 second and time expo- sures) 14 Focusing lever with infinity catch 1 15 Aperture scale of lens Camera back 16 Flash socket to take flash cable 17 Film indicator 1 The Rangefinder The accessory shoe (9) serves to take the accessory rangefinder. Focusing with the LEITZ Accessory Rangefinder 1. Determine the field of view in the brilli- ant finder. 2. Look through the eyepiece of the range- tinder, and turn the setting wheel until the double image fuses into one (see also page l2 of the LEICA lllg instruction bookl 3. Read off the distance to which the range- finder is set, and adiust the lens focusing to the same distance.

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Additional instructions for Leica Ig brilliant finder

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